Spring and Summer Gardening Tips


March: Time to prune roses and deciduous shrubs before they fully leaf out. Mulch beds if not already done in fall. Cut some dormant Forsythia branches and bring them inside for some early color.

April: Ideal time to divide and move perennials and to plant pansies and Osteospermum

Mid-April through May: Time to re-seed a thin lawn.

Mother’s Day: Generally, last date for killing frost. Time to begin planting summer flowers. Turn irrigation system on for regular watering.

June 1st: Safe to put cold-sensitive tropical plants and Caladiums outside. Introduce those that have been in your house gradually to full sun so the leaves don’t sunburn.

Late June: Time to remove pansies and other cool-weather annuals and replace with summer flowers.

Early to mid July: Give your flower pots their first tune-up — trim back long, trailing foliage, dead-head Geraniums. Add more slow-release fertilizer and then give everything a good, thorough drenching with liquid fertilizer. Repeat one month later. Time to give shrubs and trees their first summer pruning.

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