Schlick Design Group Celebrates 50 Years in Business 1957-2007

Our 50th Year! 1957-2007

We’ve come a long way since 1957 when Ron Schlick, recently graduated from the Farmingdale Ag school (now Farmingdale State) founded Schlick Landscaping. Since then, the Schlick Design team has garnered over 60 national, state and Long Island awards for innovation and excellence in landscape design. Our core business has changed over the years as well, from the installation of simple patios and plantings typical of the ’60’s, to what it is today—the design and development of everything outside the four walls of the home. Today, our team of professionals is as likely to attend village permit meetings, coordinate pool and pool house installations, or oversee the layout and grading for a driveway or masonry terrace, as we are to plant trees and shrubs

In 1986, Gary Blum joined Ron as a full partner. Gary, who was literally raised in the industry, gained extensive experience working for two major firms before joining Ron. Gary holds degrees in Ornamental Horticulture, Environmental Science and Landscape Architecture.

Ron’s son Peter Schlick came on board as a permanent member in 1990, eventually assuming Ron’s full partnership. Peter, who also was raised in the industry, has a Master’s degree in Horticulture, and extensive hands-on experience in both landscape construction and residential construction management. Schlick Landscaping became Schlick Design Group in 2001, a change in name which more fully reflects the core of our business today—the design and construction of innovative and functional outdoor living spaces—truly ‘Landscapes for Living.’

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