Artificial Turf Has Come of Age for the Home

(It’s not just a rubber-filled ‘grass’ soccer field anymore)

If you have kids who play sports, or play sports yourself, you’re familiar with the artificial turf playing surfaces used for sports fields. Almost all professional, and most college, football and soccer games are played on artificial turf. These turf fields are embedded (or ‘infilled’) with granulated rubber, which gives the grass blades support and cushioning.

Turf cut in around a Bluestone walk-Schlick Design Group

Turf cut in around a Bluestone walk

However, it’s easy to tell, even at a distance, that the ‘grass’ isn’t real and wouldn’t be very appealing around the home. You’d be surprised to learn, then, that there are more models of ‘turf’ than of sports cars. And with the models used for the home and urban environments, the ‘grass’ looks pretty darned real.

A residential sports field-Schlick Design Group

A residential sports field

For one, the individual blades are thinner than those used for athletic fields, giving the ‘grass’ a more refined look. For another, most models have brown ‘thatch’ fibers woven in to imitate natural lawn thatch. That thatch gives the turf a realistic appearance. And last, the infill that’s used isn’t rubber at all, but inert non-toxic silica sand that’s almost completely hidden by the turf.

Which is the natural turf? - Schlick Design Group

Which is the natural turf? (Hint – it’s on the left)

Where can artificial turf be used? How about dog runs, rooftops, bocci courts, playground surfaces and shady areas of your yard where nothing but mud and moss will grow. Around the pool? Artificial turf is much cooler and more economical to install than just about any other kind of paved surface. Adding patio furniture is no problem. For sunbathing, just lay down a towel. Don’t worry – the sand infill won’t stick to your clothing or skin. Want to see how artificial turf might work for you? Give us a call!

September is the perfect time to reseed your lawn
Fall is almost here. The days are getting shorter and temperatures are moderating. But the ground still quite warm and most weed seeds won’t germinate. Now is the perfect time to renovate and reseed your lawn.

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