Testimonials From Our Valued Customers

Judith and Mitchell Aaron Testimonial. Schlick Design Group

“The fact that my wife and I could go to work and not worry about who was showing up and whether they were doing things correctly was an enormous relief.”

Judith and Mitchell Aaron

Chris & Gabe Conte Testimonial. Schlick Design Group

” Your staff is warm and friendly and had no problems in answering any of my questions…”

Chris & Gabe Conte

 Irene and Perry Perakakis Testimonial. Schlick Design Group” We were so pleased with the work you did – from beginning to end everything was done professionally and in a timely manner.”Irene and Perry Perakakis

John D'Addario Testimonial. Schlick Design Group” Probably the most comforting aspect of the landscaping project was that you approached it with the mentality that it was just as much an investment to you as it was to us.”

John D”Addario III

 Julie and Seth Paster Testimonial. Schlick Design Group

“The end result? Magnificent! Our backyard is like a mini-resort. In a neighborhood full of pools and landscaped properties, ours stands out as the nicest backyard in the development.”

Julie and Seth Paster

Jerry Colonna Testimonial. Schlick Design Group“Our whole family is happy. Even our ten year old’s friends are impressed.”

Jerry Colonna

Poonam Sachdev Testimonial. Schlick Design Group“We will highly recommend you for any outdoor design work without any hesitation.”

Poonam Sachdev

Adriana and Jeff Levin Testimonial. Schlick Design Group“You truly listened when we conveyed what we were hoping to achieve and were able to make an enticing presentation from the start.”

Adriana and Jeff Levin

President of Farmingdale State University Testimonial. Schlick Design Group

“the plan that you have designed…is going to save a lot of time, effort and money…”

Jonathan Gibralter, Ph.D.

Farmingdale State University of NY